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Oct 3 2018
Memphis-Shelby County Schools YouTube
Teacher Voice Matters | Michalyn Easter Thomas | Overton High

Nov 20 2018
What is civic engagement in a bad-news world?
Michalyn Easter formed the nonprofit Our Grass Our Roots and raised over $1,700 on ioby for her campaign Friends of Chelsea Greenline Advocacy Group, which helped to give North Memphians an official voice in the development of a new neighborhood greenway. On a roll, Michalyn then started a 311 phone banking group that meets monthly to make service requests to the city. They submit all their requests using one account so they can easily track their success rate—which hovers around 100%. In addition to being effective, Michalyn says the group’s convenings are a lovely way to build community with her neighbors.

Jan 27 2019
Alternatives to 311: a citizen-led movement for change
Michalyn Easter raised almost $2,000 for her project Friends of Chelsea Greenline Advocacy Group, which gave North Memphians an official voice in the development of their neighborhood’s new greenway. Following that win, Michalyn began leading a different kind of project to improve health, safety, and quality of life where she lives: a 311 phone bank group. The group meets monthly—over donuts—to make service requests to the city, and submits them all under the same account so they can easily track their success rate. (Last time we checked, they were sitting at an impressive 98 percent.)

Mar 29 2019
Action News 5
Memphis neighborhood holds town hall, looking for ways to fight crime
Michalyn Easter-Thomas, founder of nonprofit Our Grass, Our Roots, organized this town hall. “Well, this is my history,” Easter-Thomas said. “This is where I come from. And even when I was away at grad school, I came back and bought a house in North Memphis, specifically, so I'm invested. I want to see it grow, not only for me. But my neighbors around me.”

May 23 2019
Action News 5
Memphis City Council allows construction of new Ed Rice Community Center
Michalyn Easter-Thomas lives in Frayser and started a non-profit to help the community spread local resources. She was overjoyed to see Mayor Jim Strickland announce on Twitter that the Memphis City Council has adopted a resolution allowing construction to begin on a new Ed Rice Community Center, as soon as the design is approved later this year.

June 8 2019
Memphis Commercial Appeal
Memphis People's Convention endorses slate of mostly African American women, including Sawyer for mayor
Four candidates spoke as they vied for the convention's endorsement to take on incumbent Berlin Boyd, one of the most powerful members of the current City Council. Boyd did not attend the convention. The winner of the convention's vote was Michalyn C.S Easter-Thomas, a teacher and founder of the organization Our Grass Our Roots.

Sept 12 2019
ACLU Tennessee
Memphis Municipal Candidate Criminal Justice Questionnaire: Michalyn Easter-Thomas
Criminal Justice Reform means to change the way we see community, government, and crime. CRJ includes supporting re-entry programs and expungement, but it also includes providing proactive services so that we can avoid creating a growing population of “felons and criminals.” CRJ means holding law enforcement, government, and the community accountable for promoting ethical approaches to safety and transparent disclosures of investigations that can guide us towards the workings of a better city.

Nov 14 2019
Action News 5
Incumbents ousted in Memphis City Council runoff election
Easter-Thomas told WMC Action News 5 she’s “humbled and thankful for the opportunity to serve all the people of the district. This win represents a move toward communities in District 7 getting what they need and deserve. The people have spoken.”

Nov 15 2019
WREG Memphis
Easter-Thomas wins District 7 City Council runoff; Logan takes District 1
Michalyn Easter-Thomas is expected to win the runoff race for the District 7 seat against incumbent City Councilman Berlin Boyd. Easter-Thomas, a teacher, had 75% of the vote in unofficial final returns Thursday night.

Jun 13 2020
Action News 5
Mid-South lawmakers hold ‘Masks for Memphis’ giveaway to battle spread of COVID-19
Hundreds of people most at-risk for contracting coronavirus were able to get free masks Saturday, thanks to a fundraiser and giveaway organized by three local lawmakers. State Representative Antonio Parkinson and Memphis City Council members Michalyn Easter-Thomas and Rhonda Logan are the brains behind the endeavor, called Masks for Memphis.

Sept 3 2020
Memphis Business Journal
40 Under 40 Class of 2020: Memphis City Council/Shelby County Schools’ Michalyn Easter-Thomas
Michalyn Easter-Thomas has worked hard to make Memphis a better place for her fellow citizens. She’s a Memphian through and through.

Feb 12 2021
Valentine's gift bags to be delivered to north Memphis seniors
The seniors who will receive a gift bag were nominated by loved ones and neighbors for the “Senior Shower of Love” event organized by Memphis City Councilwoman Michalyn Easter-Thomas.

Aug 14 2021
Action News 5
City of Memphis holds critical job fair
The City of Memphis hosted a job fair to fill open positions, some of which are critical to the operation of city services, on Saturday. The job fair was hosted by Memphis City Council Members Michalyn Easter Thomas and Cheyenne Johnson.

Nov 12 2021
Need the perfect selfie? Whitehaven has you covered
Pose 901 opened up this summer and owners Antoine Lever and Michalyn Easter-Thomas hope to inspire a photo experience that emphasizes the pride of the Mid-South. Each set in the space has a theme that is uniquely Memphis influenced.

Jan 11 2023
Memphis organizations fight blight by turning vacant lots into parks
Community Redevelopment Agency, also known as CRA, works to provide affordable housing and blight remediation. CRA has worked closely with Memphis Councilwoman Michalyn Easter-Thomas. Together, they are working to convert more areas of blight into sanctuary lots and affordable housing.

Apr 11 2023
Action News 5
Memphis City Council passes ‘Driving Equality Act,’ tables other policing ordinance
After weeks of revisions, an ordinance changing how Memphis police pull drivers over for minor traffic violations is official. The “Driving Equality Act in Honor of Tyre Nichols” will prevent pre-textual stops by Memphis police for secondary violations. Its sponsor, Councilwoman Michalyn Easter-Thomas, says the ordinance will put police where they’re needed. Councilwoman Easter-Thomas says after its passing, Memphis is now the sixth city in the US to adopt a driving equality act.

Apr 14 2023
Philly changed traffic stop laws to try to protect Black drivers. Memphis is following suit.
Memphis has approved its own version of the Driving Equality Act, a Philly law that changes which vehicle offenses can be the primary reason for pulling a driver over.

Apr 21 2023
Ahead of Tom Lee Park re-opening, Memphis River Parks hires City Councilwoman as first-ever education director
Building on significant new investment in the riverfront to create learning and career opportunities for young Memphians, Memphis River Parks Partnership has named Memphis City Councilwoman Michalyn Easter-Thomas its first Director of Education Initiatives and Strategic Partnerships.

May 12 2023
North Memphis community hopeful for new grocery store after going without for more than 40 years
The North Memphis Grocery Project is in motion, and Councilwoman Michalyn Easter-Thomas plans to bring a nearby grocery store to the area, and North Memphis residents said they are excited.

May 26 2023
Councilwoman promises Greenlaw Community Center will not become a detention center
Councilwoman Michalyn Easter-Thomas of District 7 said she will "ensure accountability on all sides that a detention center does not happen at Greenlaw Community Center."

July 2 2023
Memphis City Council hosts re-entry program 'Restoration of Rights'
“We're helping people get their records expunged,” Easter-Thomas said. “We want people to go back on the roads as voters; to be able to get those jobs, to be able to have their driver's license instated.” The District 7 representative said the goal was to offer expungement “in a place where it's not intimidating.”

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