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May 7, 2019

Teacher running for Memphis City Council seat

News Story and Video

October 3, 2018

Teacher Voice Matters | Michalyn Easter-Thomas | Overton High School


March 29, 2019

Memphis neighborhood holds townhall, looking for ways to fight crime


"MEMPHIS, TN (WMC) - The first in a series of town hall meetings in North Memphis this week brought together two mothers, a landlord and a community activist. These four women are determined to make a change...."

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November 20, 2018

What is civic engagement in a bad-news world?

"Michalyn Easter formed the nonprofit Our Grass Our Roots and raised over $1,700 on ioby for her campaign Friends of Chelsea Greenline Advocacy Group, which helped to give North Memphians an official voice in the development of a new neighborhood greenway."

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January 19, 2017

20<30: The Class of 2017 | Memphis Flyer

"Michalyn grew up in the area around Klondike, Chelsea, and North Watkins. As a child, she wanted to be a dentist, but her grandmother was a longtime teacher and her own passion for history led her on a route that went from North Memphis to Christian Brothers University and points north. She planned to stay in New York for five to eight years, but came back after three when her father passed away."

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May 23, 201920<30: The Class of 2017 | Memphis Flyer

Memphis City Council allows construction of new Ed Rice Community Center

“This is long overdue for Frayser and definitely when it becomes cemented and getting started, we’re going to see an uproar of excitement,” said Easter-Thomas.

Easter-Thomas says residents want the design to include input from people in the area.

“The designs need to ensure that they bring in the voice of the community,” said Easter-Thomas."

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ed rice.jpg

June 8, 201920<30: The Class of 2017 | Memphis Flyer

Memphis People's Convention Endorses Slate of Mostly African American Women

“City Council District 7: Four candidates spoke as they vied for the convention's endorsement to take on incumbent Berlin Boyd, one of the most powerful members of the current City Council. Boyd did not attend the convention. The winner of the convention's vote was Michalyn C.S Easter-Thomas, a teacher and founder of the organization Our Grass Our Roots."

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