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"We deserve a Council Member that will give us not just photo ops, but honest attention. We need one that will act for our communities and not just for self promotion. A representative who understands our needs and will speak to our interests, one who will work to bring jobs to our residents and investment to our neighborhoods.  We need someone who will push back against blight by targeting absentee landlords and opening more paths to home ownership. We deserve a representative who can build bridges between the local government, law enforcement, and neighborhoods in order to see a reduction in crime."
  • Increasing funding for more code enforcement officers and training for neighborhood-based code enforcement officers

  • Funding MLGW share the pennies program in coordination with TVA to increase funding for weatherization of homes

  • Support the "Neighbor Next Door" program to attract teachers, law enforcement, and first responders to housing within City limits

  • Fight for adequate City services such as street lights and sewer systems

  • Support expungement and reentry programs

  • Advocate for more funding of cameras and the establishment of neighborhood watch groups and police joint associations (PJA)

  • Partner with County governemnt to increase access to mental health services

  • Partenering with community associations and financial institutions to increase home ownership programs

  • Allocate budget funding for housing for the homeless, as well as job opportunities

  • Fully funding MATA public transportation in the City of Memphis

  • Advocate for community investment requirements in local business and construction 

  • Fight for the inclusion of labor organizations and apprenticeships in local infrastructure contracts

  • Support living wage for City employees and a fully funded pension

  • Advocate for investment in community business districts

  • Support the Mayor's Summer Youth Program, and advocate for additional opportunities during school Winter and Spring Breaks

  • Advocate for the funding of more youth programming year-round

  • Eliminate food deserts by fighting for correct property assessment of "groceries" and attracting grocery stores

  • Support the cleaning and maintenance of all waterways in District 7

  • Advocate for more partnerships between local government and neighborhoods in order to upkeep City parks

  • Review zoning to reimagine business districts 

  • Fight to remediate brownfields in order to fuel further development in the district

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